Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We are Recruiting - Retail & Admin Assistant


  • Full-time position
  • 5 days week. Very good for mother who want to spend their weekend with their love ones
  • 13 months salary
  • Staff purchase discount
  • Increment upon confirmation
  • Other benefits: EPF, Annual Leave and Sales Incentive.
  • Working hours: 10a.m. – 7:10p.m. Very good for mother who want to send their child to nursery and kindergarten
  • Working location: Shah Alam, Selangor.


  • Handling Sales Support and Sales Administration.
  • Assist in day-to-day sales operation activities such as servicing customer, order processing, inventory, invoicing and delivery arrangements.
  • Attend to customer's enquiry and sales assistance
  • To provide feedback on customer service issues and to propose appropriate solutions


  • Gender: Female
  • Candidate must have strong interest in baby and mother products
  • MUST be customer & service orientated, energetic and enthusiastic about interacting with people. Possess all the right attitudes such as proactive, self-disciplined, responsible, strong team spirit and an unquenchable desire to learn
  • Good in communication skill
  • Able to converse in Bahasa Malaysia and English
  • Minimum SPM or any other equivalent qualification
  • Able to work independent with initiative
  • Applicants should be Malaysian citizens or hold relevant residence status

Interested applicant are invited to email her complete resume/CV with expected salary to

If you have any good candidate to refer, please forward this career opportunity to them. Referral will get commission once recruitment is confirm.

LAST CALL for Redemption expire in Dec 09


For those who still have unutilize KasihkuSayangku.com coupon/discount voucher which expiry date is 31 Dec 09, please kindly utilize it before 31/12/2009.


In Feb 09, we announced that customer will earn 1 point for each piece of Cloth Diaper they purchased.

  • Collecting 4 points will entitle to exchange 2 pieces of one-size 3 layers insert worth RM 33.80
  • Collecting 8 points will entitle to exchange 1 piece KS One-Size Cloth Diaper + two pieces of one-size 3 layers inserts worth RM 55.90

Now already Dec 09, for those who are yet to claim their redemption, better be hurry and don't miss it

Note: Customer will bear the standard RM 7 shipping cost

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

KS Largest Storewide Sales Ever! (16/12 -18/12)

* Avent, MAM, Baby Organic Food, Organic Food and Tupperware category is excluded.
* Discount amount will auto appear after adding the product to shopping cart
* Reseller discount rate will be different.
* Discount voucher/coupon cannot be applied during sale period.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Love2U Photo Sharing Winner List

Congratulation to 10 winners below who speak out their love to their beloved child. We have email the gift voucher to you, please kindly check your email.

Last but not least, let's continue spreading love from generation to generation....

The Love of My Life


Uploader: pt1225

You're Mummy biggest accomplishment yet.
Baby grow up well and healthy, and know that Mummy and Daddy will be always there for you!

My Smelly Ryleigh


Uploader: L&J

Little adorable Ryleigh always poot poot right after feeding,
Even in the wee hours of morning.
But she will remain Mummy and Daddy's "smelly" Ryleigh,
And brighten our days with her toothless smileys

So much to say...


Uploader: DaRLeNE^_^

...but momma doesn't want to nag.
Just trust the Lord
Above all else.

My dearest son-Ryan


Uploader: rachellim1685

my dear,u are my love....keep healthy bcoz u are always sick and need 2 eat chinese medicine daily,hope u will growing well^^

My best ever Gift...Nur Imanina

nur imanina.jpeg

Uploader: cheleen

my dearest princess Iman bright up my days...smile my world...there's nothing I can says...all of you full with LOVE...LOVE...LOVE and LOVE



Uploader: haising

When I saw you, I deeply fell in LOVE.
And you SMILED, because you KNEW.
You have brighten my LIFE with your LAUGHTER



Uploader: rafidahk

A Miracle From God...

Swim well Grow well


Uploader: NL

Swim girl. I have no other hope except you grow well and grow happily

Together In Everything


Uploader: hazs

Just be together when you are happy and sad. That is the most important thing in our life.

My Baby Nelson

Photo 0139.jpg

Uploader: RachelL

Boy, mummy love u so much and you are the best gift from God.

Double Happiness Cloth Diaper Redemption expire in Dec 09

In Feb 09, we announced that customer will earn 1 point for each piece of Cloth Diaper they purchased.

  • Collecting 4 points will entitle to exchange 2 pieces of one-size 3 layers insert worth RM 33.80
  • Collecting 8 points will entitle to exchange 1 piece KS One-Size Cloth Diaper + two pieces of one-size 3 layers inserts worth RM 55.90

Now already Dec 09, for those who are yet to claim their redemption, better be hurry and don't miss it

Note: Customer will bear the standard RM 7 shipping cost

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Latest KS Cloth Diaper Review + Special Offer

On Sunday (15th Nov 09), we received a review on our Cloth Diaper from an expert CD user. This review really cheer up our heart. This review has cause us to determine with all efforts, we will make KS cloth diaper the best among local brands.

Reviewer: Lorna Choong
15/11/2009 06:19pm
i've had a few KS CD, i've to say, for local brands, this is the best ones, i'll call it, the M'sian version of
BumGenius.However, i notice, the outer layer of PUL is different between blue/red and the rest of the colour, and i prefer the blue/red ones, the yellow especially feels a bit hard, but it's ju
st the outer layer, overall performance still good.

I wish KS will come out with more and more colour choice, and maybe consider XL sizes, i like to collect d
ifferent colours of CD, if KS will have more new colours - like maroon, lavander, brown - i'll be the first customer to buy...

KS is very good for day use (i've not tried night use, but i'm confident it can
serve the purpose, like i said, it's the m'sian version of BG) after trying to many brands, i know what type of CD can pass for night use, and i know KS will do the job - th
at's why lo, nee
d more colours, for me to improve my 'system'

lastly, the edge of the sides - gussets, are good for containing the
mess, vs. another brand, they actually make the crotch area smaller, will sure fail to contain mess
and the velcro
tape is one of the strongest i see... ie. baby will not be able to take it out so easily.. even for adults

After receive this review, we have ask Lorna to put our Cloth Diaper for night test which is a real test to KS
Cloth Diaper. My heart is beating fast for the past few days as anxiously want to know the result. Her
baby is 9 months old now. The result? Guess What? Here is her replies on 18th Nov 09

Well, what can I say, I can only say thank you everyone for your support on KS Cloth Diaper. Human words are insufficient to express my gratidute to you all.

To thank you for your support on KS Cloth Diaper, we decide to reward our customers with a special ONE TIME OFFER.

You can now own famous and popular KS 3rd Generation AIO Cloth Diaper from as low as RM 45.90 (1 CD + 2 inserts + 2 years warranty). Offer details as follow:

  • Promotion Period: 19th Nov 09 - 30th Nov 09 OR First 100 units only

  • Promotion Package:

    • Value pack of 3 ( 3 CD + 6 inserts + 2 years warranty) = RM 133 (non-member), RM 128 (member)

    • Single piece ( 1 CD + 2 inserts + 2 years warranty) = RM 49.90 (non-member), RM 45.90 (member)

    • 1 Insert = RM 12.90 (non-member), RM 11.90 (member)
  • Each RM 1 will earn you 1 KS Reward Point.

To order and to find out more info about KS 3rd Generation one size cloth, please click here. . Please continue reading on point 2 which only found on KS Cloth Diaper.

Please continue reading on point 2 which only found on KS Cloth Diaper. To order and to find out more info about KS 3rd Generation one size cloth, please click here

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Disney Jumbo Storybook Pillow AND Touch 'N Sing & Read Blocks

Wonder what is this? Watch the video below and you would know and you would love it :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Buds Baby Product Review

We have received a review from one of our customer Ms. Vicky Yong who recently bought Buds First Aid Lotion from our online store. The review is really encouraging and I would like to share it with you all. Just click on the image below to enlarge the email.

To find out more and to order Buds Baby and Buds Mum products, please click here

Monday, November 9, 2009

Breastfeed Working Mom (III) - Cleaning A Breast Pump

Can I Sterilize My Breast Pump At Home?

It is impossible to completely sterilize your breast pump at home. Some hospitals offer free or fee-based sterilization services using an autoclave meant for sterilizing reusable surgical tools and hospital equipment.

Not even boiling them at home will completely sterilize breast pump parts. However, you can keep your breast pump safe and sanitary by effectively washing away germs and bacteria after each use.

General Tips for Cleaning Your Breast Pump

Consult the instruction manual included with your breast pump for the manufacturer-recommend method of cleaning. Keep in mind that not all pieces of a breast pump are meant to be washed. Electrical units and batteries should be wiped down after use, but never submerged in water.

Typically, a pump must be taken apart before appropriate pieces are washed. Most washable pump pieces can be cleaned by hand using soap and hot water. Some pumps can be put in the dishwasher. Consult your instruction manual to make sure pieces are dishwasher safe before you put them in the dishwasher.

Basic Cleaning Method

  • Take apart the pump. Consult the instruction manual to determine which parts should be washed.

  • Wash each piece separately using liquid dishwashing soap and plenty of warm water.
    Rinse each piece thoroughly with hot water for 10 -15 seconds.

  • Place the pieces neatly on a clean paper towel or in a clean drying rack and allow them to air dry.

  • Avoid using a cloth towel to dry your pump because they can carry germs and bacteria that are harmful to your breast milk and your baby.

  • Once the pump is dry, assemble it before storing. Try not to touch the inside of any parts that will come in contact with your milk the next time you pump.

Source: Breastfeeding.com]

Weekly Happy Hour offer by KasihkuSayangku.com

Find out Amazing deals offer by KS Weekly Happy Hour

  • When: Every Friday 12pm - 3pm
  • Where: KasihkuSayangku - Weekly Happy Hour Category

Monday, November 2, 2009

Customer Rewards Program – Every Ringgit Counts

With effective from Nov 09 onward, every ringgit (excluding shipping cost) you spent at KasihkuSayangku.com will earn you 1 KS Reward Points. Accumulate KS reward points and redeem wonderful items from KasihkuSayangku.com

Best of all,
this program is open and applicable for all i.e. member, non-member and reseller. Points required to redeem product for different category of customer will display at product details

You can check your reward points anytime you want after login to KasihkuSayangku.com. Your points info will display under ‘
My Account’ -> ‘Customer Information’ -> ‘Customer Rewards. Hence, you need to create an account at KasihkuSayangku.com if you yet to do so.

Only successful shipped order will earn the points. Any cancel order will not be entitled.

This is our appreciation of your support for Kasihku Sayangku for the past two years. Without you, we wouldn’t be here today.

Hope you enjoy this new program that we bring you and look forward your continuous support.

Buds Baby and Buds Mum Products are now available at KasihkuSayangku.com

Australia well known Buds Baby and Buds Mum series products now are available at KasihkuSayangku.com. Buds Baby and Buds Mum Cherished Organics is PEG free, NO PARABENS, NO SLS/SLES and formaldehyde. And certified organic.

is preservative free and was developed to be Natural and Safe. There are no harmful chemicals or carcinogenic substances instead only truly safe and boasts some of the most effective and luxurious organic botanicals. Created especially for those dearest to your heart... your baby.

here to order/browse Buds Baby and Mum products from KasihkuSayangku.com

If you want to find out why Buds is so well known, why Buds products is so unique and prefer by so many mommies, please visit

Note: I just tried Buds Everyday Haes to Toe Cleanser for my two youg girls. Very satisfied with the product.

KS Cloth Diaper comes with 2 Years Warranty Now

In April 09, we announce that all KS Cloth Diaper will come with 1 year warranty which is First in Malaysia. Now, we are pleased to inform you another First in Malaysia, ALL KS Cloth Diaper now comes with 2 years warranty. Warranty scope will not change i.e. Snaps, Elastic Sewing

Any issue with our CD, give us a call or drop us an email. We will take care of the rest. No question ask. This is our guarantee, the peace of mind that we want to give you.
To order KS One Size Cloth Diaper, click here. To find out reviews about KS Cloth Diaper, click here

Does any other cheaper cloth diapers give you same kind warranty & guarantee? What happened when those cheaper cloth diapers give you problem?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Breastfeed Working Mom (II) - Using A Breast Pump

How Do I Use A Breast Pump?

Before using your breast pump for the first time it is a good idea to read through the entire instruction manual. The instruction manual can help you learn the right way to assemble and use your pump. It should also include the manufacturer's contact information. If the instruction manual is missing from the box, check the outside of the box for a customer service line you can call to request a copy.

Wash and Dry Your Hands

Before using your pump, wash your hands with soap, scrubbing for 10 -15 seconds, then rinse with plenty of warm water. After washing, dry your hands thoroughly with a clean paper towel.

You do not need to wash your breasts before you pump unless you have been using a cream, ointment, or other product on your breasts that must be removed first. Check the labels on products you have been using and ask your doctor for advice.

Assemble Your Pump

Consult your pump's instruction manual for the proper way to assemble your pump.

Get Comfortable

Find a clean and comfortable place where you can relax and not be disturbed while pumping. If you have an electric pump, find an area near an out let so you can plug the pump in. Some mothers find it helpful to hold their baby, or to have a picture of their baby in front of them while they pump.

Position the Breast-Shield(s)

Consult your instruction manual for tips on positioning your nipple in the breast-shiled(s). Your nipple should fit comfortably in the center of the opening in the breast-shield(s). Gently adjust the breast-shield(s) until it feels comfortable without pinching, pulling or otherwise irritating your nipple or breast tissue.

Begin Pumping

If your pump is electric or battery-powered, turn the switch to the on position. If you are using a manual pump, begin pumping. Consult your instruction manual for suggestions on an appropriate pumping speed. Adjust the speed until you find one that is comfortable for you.

How Long Should I Pump and What Can I Expect?

A qualified health care professional can help determine the best pumping method for you. The amount of milk produced is different for everyone. A typical pumping session lasts about 10 -15 minutes per breast, but you should only pump as long as it is comfortable and productive for you.

Your breast milk may not flow immediately after you start pumping, so try to be patient. When it does flow, your milk should be collected in the container attached to your pump. If milk is leaking out of your pump, stop pumping and make sure you have assembled the pump correctly before trying again. If your pump continues to leak, call the manufacturer's customer service line for help.

When you have finished pumping gently insert a finger between your breast and the breast-shield to break the vacuum seal. Remove the bottle of milk from the rest of the pump, and label the bottle with the date and time of pumping before storing it in the refrigerator or freezer.

[Source: Breastfeeding.com]

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Breastfeed Working Mom (I) - Choosing a Breast Pump

Choosing a Breast Pump - What Type of Breast Pump Is Right For Me?

Manual or electric, single or double-alternating pump, buy or rent? With the number of options available choosing the most suitable breast pump for your pumping needs can be tricky.

Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all breast pump; what worked well for your mother or best friend may not work well for you. Choosing your ideal breast pump is a decision best made after considering your needs and weighing all of the options.

There are several factors that can help determine your ideal breast pump. The following sections provide a brief outline of points to consider when choosing a pump. If you are having difficulty choosing a pump, a qualified healthcare professional can help guide your decision based on the following factors:

1) How do you plan to use the pump?
  • Are you using a pump in addition to breastfeeding?

  • Do you plan to pump and store several containers of milk?

  • Are you returning to work?

  • Will you be away from your baby for several days?

2) How much time will it take you to pump?

  • The amount of time it takes to pump varies, but certain types of breast pumps may be easier to use and extract milk faster.

  • If you plan to pump at work or do not have a lot of time to pump, you may want to consider a battery or electrically powered breast pump. Double and double-alternating pumps may also decrease the amount of time it takes to pump because both breasts can be emptied at the same time.

3) Are the pump's instructions easy for you to understand?
  • Review the instructions included with several different pumps and choose a pump that is easy for you to assemble, use, clean, and take apart. If you are shopping for a pump in a store, ask a salesperson if the store has display breast pumps so you can practice assembling and taking apart several different pumps before you buy one.

  • Keep in mind that for health reasons most stores will not allow you to return a breast pump.

4) Where will you be using a pump?
  • Manual and battery-powered pumps can be easy to transport and use in small spaces, while an electric pump will require an outlet to power the pump and may be difficult to transport.

  • It is important that women who use a powered breast pump are prepared for emergency situations when electricity or extra batteries may not be available. Having extra supplies for pumping and a back-up method, such as a manual breast pump, may help a woman maintain her breast pumping schedule during an emergency.

5) Do you need a pump that is easy to transport?

  • If you travel frequently, or plan to pump at work consider buying a light-weight pump such as manual breastpump that transports easily in a carrying case that holds the pump and your pumping supplies.

  • If you plan to pump in the same place every time, you may not need to worry about how easy it is to transport.

6) Will the breast-shields fit you?

  • Make sure that the breast-shield opening is the correct size for you. You should be able to comfortably center your nipple inside the breast-shield. Many pumps are sold with one size of breast-shield. If the included breast-shields make your nipples sore or are otherwise uncomfortable, make sure you can replace them with a different size or texture that is comfortable for you and will work with your pump.
Should I Buy a Used Breast Pump or Share a Breast Pump?

You should never buy a used breast pump or share a breast pump.

Only FDA cleared, hospital-grade pumps should be used by more than one person. With the exception of hospital-grade pumps, the FDA considers breast pumps single-use devices. That means that a breast pump should only be used by one woman because there is no way to guarantee the pump can be cleaned and disinfected between uses by different women.

The money you may save by buying a used pump is not worth the health risks to you or your baby. Breast pumps that are reused by different mothers can carry infectious diseases, such as HIV or hepatitis.

Buying a used breast pump or sharing a breast pump may be a violation of the manufacturer's warranty and you may not be able to get help from the manufacturer if you have a problem with the pump.


The Secret of ‘P’ Reveal

‘P’ in our context is stand for 'Perfect Solution for Breastfeed Working Mom' and 'Perfect Fit for Natural Parenting'.

In order to encourage newly give birth mom to continue breastfeed, to continue giving their best to their beloved child once return to work and to encourage natural parenting practices, we have come out P2 – P6 package deal for you.

Each package deal has been carefully thought, design and has a logic behind it. For example, Philips Avent breastpump is package with Stylo Mama Shoulder Bag (notebook backpack like design) + Safety Plus Breastmilk Storage BPA Free Bottle (pack of 8) + Stylo reusable MAMA Gel Ice (cold Pack) + Stylo Mama Cooler A+ Avent Airflex Feeding Bottle (125ml/4oz x 2 ).

This package is called P6 which come with 6 essential items you need to continue breastfeed when you return to work.

For more packages deal, click
here or click at Package Deal category. We will package more and more good deals for you

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Love 2U Photo Sharing


My Love 2U

You may wonder, what is “My Love 2U” is all about. We believe every child is unique and is the most beautiful in their parent eyes. And deep in every parent heart, there are something they want to say to their beloved child.

So, My Love 2U is a platform for you to tell your heartfelt words to your children regardless it is just one word, three words or ten words, it is your love to them.

We are going to open this platform for everyone, yes, everyone to tell their love to their children from 20th Oct 2009 to 20th Nov 2009.
NO PURCHASE of product will be required. Yes, you hear it right. I repeat. NO PURCHASE of product will be required. This program is free and open for everyone.

Top 10 highest rated picture will receive RM50 KasihkuSyangku.com Gift voucher each. You can use this gift voucher to buy anything listed at our online store for your beloved child.


Very simple. Just,

  • Register. Click on the My Love 2U giraffe picture at KasihkuSayang.com main page. It will bring you to the My Love 2U platform. Click on ‘Register’. Follow the wizard. Activate your membership by clicking the link in the registration confirmation email

  • Upload. Log in with your newly created id and password. Choose ‘Upload File’

  • Inform & Share. Inform your friends, your family members, your relatives, your colleagues, the whole word to participate, to view, to rate your picture and your heartfelt words at www.kasihkusayangku.com/mylove2u. They are able to give comments if they wish.


  • Click on the picture, The title of the picture and the parents dedication words will appear at the bottom of the picture.
  • Select the rating you want to give [1 star (not good) to 5 stars (great)]


  • NO PURCHASE will be required. Yes, you hear it right. I repeat. NO PURCHASE will be require. This program is free and open for everyone.
  • Age of child is below 7 years old
  • Dedicated words to your child must not exceed 38 words
  • Picture format must either in JPG, JPEG and PNG format
  • Total accumulate file size of photo(s) must not exceed 2Mb.
  • You can submit more than one entry as long as you are not reach your total allocation picture quota i.e. 2Mb. For example, you have 3 children and you have words for each of them. You can submit three times as long as total accumulate picture upload size is less than 2 Mb. Hence, you may want to optimize your picture size to around 500K each before upload it.
  • Incomplete info submitted will be disqualified
  • Each participant is only allowed to win one prize. The winning entries will be based on total votes from the public
  • Unutilized amount of the gift voucher is not exchangeable with cash.
  • All winners will be notified by email or phone and the winner's names will be published on the KasihkuSayangku.com.
  • By entering the program, you authorise the reproduction of your photograph (without attribution) on the KasihkuSayangku.com promotion collaterals. All intellectual property rights in the photographs will be permitted to use for marketing purposes by KasihkuSayangku.com without acknowledgement of the original owner of the image.
  • If for any reason this program is not capable of running as planned, Kasihku Sayangku.com reserves the right in its discretion to modify the terms of the program including the prizes and these Conditions of Entry.
  • By participating this program, all participants agree to bound by the rules and regulations of the organizer.

So, want to say a love word to your child? Click on the giraffe picture or click here (www.kasihkusayangku.com/mylove2u)).to participate