Thursday, June 18, 2009

Too Beautiful to Resist?

I must said this time the new stocks is too beautiful to resist. Don't believe? Take a look of sneak preview above.
You can view all June 2nd batch new stocks at .
Happy Parenting

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Third Hotness - Members' + Resellers' Day Sale

Can remember when is our last members' day sale? It was in March. So, we don't have sale that frequent. Whenever we have sale, it is a real sale. If you miss it in March, DON'T miss it this time.

  • When: 11/6 - 12/6 (Thur - Fri). 2 DAYS ONLY. Not more not less
  • Product in scope: All category
  • Discount range: 10% - 40%

The best part is your order during sale period will be counted in second hotness i.e. Free Tupperware Membership. Once your total accumulate order reach RM 300, we will give Tupperware membership absolutely FREE.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Free Tupperware Membership

What! Am I reading wrongly? Free Tupperware Membership? Is that true?

Absolutely 100% True. We are giving up free Tupperware Membership for everyone (member, non-member, reseller) who accumulate total purchase of RM 300 from 28/5/09 - 30/6/09.

You will enjoy absolutely free 1st year Tupperware Membership (worth RM 60) + Starter Kits (worth RM 70++). All in all you will be enjoying:

  • Free Membership joining fees worth RM 60
  • Starter Kits which includes:
    • Free Modular Mates Rounds II 440ml X 2 (RM13.90 X 2 = RM27.80)
    • Free Modular Mates Ocals II 1.1L X 1 (RM22.30)
    • 1 quality carrying case
    • 6 issues of Inspira Newsletter.
  • Immediate 20% discount on Tupperware products

Not only that, all your Tupperware sales will go under your own account, and you can start build your own business empire from there.

For more Tupperware products info, you can visit here. For Tupperware business opportunity, please visit here

You can easily achieve RM 300 purchase by just placing order for 3 sets of Popular KS Cloth Diaper Pre-Order Promotion (Promotion period: 28/5 - 3/6. Shipping date:10/6).

Is the second hotness hot enough? Don't forget we have one more hotness yet to announce. Will let you digest the first 2 hotness first and thrid hotness will announce in due course.

Note: For reseller, RM 300 total purchase will be after discount price. If you have any question, please feel free to email me at

KS Cloth Diaper Pre-Order Promotion

We have strike a deal with our manufacturer to commit certain amount quantity of cloth diaper. And we would like to extend this very special, irresitable ONE TIME OFFER to all our customers.

Value pack of 3 (SKU: VP003) with 6 free one-size insert will be RM 132 and Member price will be RM 128. What! RM 132 & RM 128? Yes, you heard it right, it is RM 132 for non-member and RM 128 for member. Waiting time is only 7 days.

RM 132 is general retail price before discount. So, reseller, definitely your price is much much much much much lower.

But bear in mind, it is just a ONE TIME OFFER, once it over, it is over.

Order period: 28/5/09 - 03/6/09. You can place your order here

Shipping Date: 10/3/09

AVENT BPA-Free New Series Product Survey

AVENT BPA-free new series is twice more expensive than it current non-BPA free series. Do you think is worth to buy?

Need your input at the survey conducted at our blog (right hand corner)