Thursday, August 19, 2010

Armless pianist defies odds in talent show ~ Very touching and encouraging


Watching the video below may literally bring tears to your eyes.

It shows an armless, self-taught pianist from Beijing, Liu Wei, playing the piano to a stunned, teary-eyed audience in ”China’s Got Talent” reality TV competition.

The 23-year-old wowed audiences and judges alike despite having no arms and using merely his two feet to play the piano.

Liu lost both his arms when he suffered a freak accident at the age of 10 after touching an electrical wire while playing hide and seek. The accident left him in critical condition for 45 days.

Recalling the tragic memory, he said, “I realized that I lost my arms forever and I cried.”

Losing both his arms did not deter him from his ambition of being a great music producer. He started practicing the piano at the age of 19 and admitted that it was tough at first. Although, he suffered from cramps and abrasion, he persevered.

On participating in the talent show, he said, “In my perspective, I have to be successful. My objective to be here is getting Top 3. So my mom could be proud of me.”

Watch his performance here.

His performance left one judge speechless and Liu was asked how he was able to do it.

His response? ”I think there are only two roads that I can choose in my life. One is to give up which would lead to a hopeless death. The other is to live life wonderfully. Nobody says that to play a piano, one can only use his hands.”

On his magical performance of the score, “Mariage D’amour”, one judge commented, “I think including me, and the others here, when we are watching him, when we are listening to his music, we shouldn’t have any complains in our lives.”

If we can take anything out of Liu Wei’s heart-warming, inspiring tale, it’s to stop complaining when life gets us down and, for once, truly appreciate how blessed we sometimes are.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010