Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Monday, January 25, 2010

New Product - Korea LG/Parlon Baby Soft/Play Mat - 100% Design, Made and Imported from Korea

Why Baby Mat?

  1. As babies grow week by week, they start rolling over, crawling, standing and sitting, walking and so on. It is amazing to see them learning and performing something new. BUT at the same time, you cant stop worrying about that they would fall and hurt. At these periods, their heads are a lot heavier than their bodies that when they fall, they hit their heads to ground. This is very reason you need baby mat. It has developed outstanding the best quality cushioning to absorb impact that will prevent babies from brain injury.
  2. Baby mat is excellent to keep the house sanitarily. It is easy to clean up what babies spill and spit. All you have to do is wipe it up with wet towel.
  3. Cold and solid floor is not good for babies skin, which is very sensitive to their atmosphere. Baby Mat intercepts cold air from floor. Also, embossing techniques used on mats keep babies skin comfortable and soft.

    All Parklon Mats are designed for use by bare skin for babies. Therefore, DO NOT step on mats putting shoes on. It will damage mats and shorten the period they last.

  4. It is scientifically proven that primary colors help babies visual development. Baby Mats have various designs and characters with vivid color.

Currently we are running a promotion (while stock last) for this soft/play mat. There are two designs available (1. Pororo with Alphabets AND 2. Thomas & Friends ) with the size of 185cm x 125cm equivalent to 6.07ft x 4.10ft. To order, click here . FYI, US is selling this playmat for USD 199.99. How much we sell? Click here to find out.

Click here for more info about LG/Parklon Playmat.

What is Playmat?

KasihkuSayangku What is Playmat?

KasihkuSayangku LG/Parklon Korea Baby Soft Mat

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year New Promotion!

XL Size Jumbo Storybook Pillow Disney Veggie

Only 4 units - Previously RM 69.90, New Year Promotion RM 55 only!

Promotion price valid till 10th Jan 2010 only. To order, click here

Jumbo Storybook Pillow Disney Veggie